About technology/ product

ETC determines to always bring the most advanced, efficacious, and best-fitted product to our clients to bolster the strengths leveraging IT including System integration service, Software solutions and other IT services.

    IT Hardware

At ETC, we are helping enterprises with cost-effective and responsive IT infrastructure services. This helps in enhancing their operational efficiencies, boosting performance, increasing productivity and accelerating the time-to-market with reduced cost.

– Server & storage
+ Business critical lines of servers
+ Commodity servers
+ High-end database appliances
+ High-end SAN storage
+ Multimedia and Video Surveillance storage
+ Backup storage

– Network
+ Data center networking
+ Wireless and Mesh
+ IoT

– Information security
– Physical security & surveillance
+ Camera ATM, Branch Offices
+ Bodycam
+ Face Identification
+ Specialized Night Camera

– Virtualization & cloud
+ Data center virtualization
+ Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
+ Private Cloud Storage

    IT Software

Team ETC provides solutions that can encourage businesses in escalating their technological landscape, which in turn simplifies processes and brings astounding results.
ETC offers software and support services include commercial and custom operating systems, application software, and infrastructure software. We are able to provide installation, deployment and warranty services related to the software.
– Data warehouse and analytics System
+ Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW)
+ Management Information System (MIS)
+ Decision Support System (DSS)
+ Big data analytics
– Loan Management and Credit Risk Mitigation
+ Loan Origination System (including Commercial Lending, Retail Lending, Financial Institute Syndication)
+ Collateral and Limit Management System
+ Digital Collection and Recovery System
– Automatic Vehicle Identification and Toll Collection System
+ RFID Automatic Vehicle Identification and Management System
+ Multi-lane Free Flow Electronic Toll Collection System
+ Tap & Go Toll Collection
+ Intelligent Transportation and Smart City Vehicle Management